Did you know...


Postural deformities already start in early school age.

The ratio of postural deformities in children and youth, before reaching the age of 14, is at 12 percent. Postural deformities normally result from too less physical activity, obesity and wrong stress. Reasonable school and leisure time sports, healthy nutrition and an ergonomically correct position while reading, writing, or working on a laptop computer are appropriate means to avoid momentous spinal weaknesses in children and teenagers.


The health aspect at the job is of high significance.

Ergonomically designed workplaces are not only essential for health and well being of every single employee, but also have a particularly positive effect on the overall work behavior. The better you feel the gladly and more efficient you will work.


Since more than 150 years ago, ergonomics has been an expression of comfort.

“Ergonomics is a valuable approach enabling us to reap, for the benefit of ourselves and others, the best fruits of life´s labour for the minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.”

W. Jastrzebowski (1857)