Materials and care

With careful at­ten­tion to ma­te­rials and work­man­ship, Desk-up is man­u­fac­tured in four dif­ferent pro­duct groups.

Chromo (a):

In­no­va­tive sur­face ma­te­rial made of high quality cotton with a fine linen tex­ture and metallic look.


Pellana (b):

El­e­gant cover ma­te­rial of durable im­i­ta­tion leather. The ma­te­rial feels warm and of­fers a good grip. It has a slip-re­sis­tant sur­face and is easy to clean.


Wintan (c):

Leather col­lec­tion of orig­inal Wintan leather. Nat­ural beauty, high-end finish and a good feeling guar­antee ex­clu­sivity.


Art Collection Bubbles (d):

Im­pres­­sive and har­­mo­niously de­sign col­lec­tion with a high quality sur­face re­fine­ment. It is highly re­­sis­­tant to dirt, wet and other im­­pacts.


material4 chromopellanawintanArt Collection Bubbles

We rec­om­mend you ob­serve the fol­lowing in­struc­tions, so you can enjoy your Desk-up for a very long time:


To clean your pro­duct, wipe it with a soft and dry or slightly wet cloth.
feuchtigkeit_small   sonne_small You should keep your pro­duct dry and pro­tect it from di­rect sources of heat.