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Cus­tomer In­­for­­ma­tion and Terms & Con­­di­tions
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1. Scope of Ap­p­li­­ca­tion
These cus­tomer in­­for­­ma­tion and Gen­eral Terms and Con­­di­tions shall apply to all or­ders placed through the we­b­­site www.desk-up.com (the "We­b­­site") of Desk-up On­­line. Pla­cing an order with us in­di­­cates your ac­­cep­tance of these terms and con­­di­tions. Changes to these Gen­eral Terms and Con­­di­tions will only be ef­­fec­tive if they are con­­firmed by us in wri­ting. This also ap­p­lies to any change to this written form clause.


2. Con­clu­­sion of a Pur­chase Agree­­ment
Any or­ders from you on our We­b­­site con­s­ti­tute a bin­ding offer to con­clude a pur­chase agree­­ment with Desk-up On­­line. The bin­ding pur­chase agree­­ment only comes into ex­is­tence when we ac­­cept your order ei­ther on the we­b­­site or by sen­ding you an e-mail or written com­mu­­ni­­ca­tion or by dis­pat­ching the goods or­dered. The goods and price in­­for­­ma­tion on our We­b­­site is sub­­ject to change wi­thout no­tice. You will be charged the price dis­­played on the We­b­­site at the time of your order.

3. In Case of Goods not being avail­able
If goods you or­dered are not avail­able wi­thin 5 wor­king days we can with­draw from the pur­chase agree­­ment even if we have con­­firmed ac­­cep­tance of your order. If we with­draw from the pur­chase agree­­ment we will im­­me­­di­a­tely in­­form you of this and will im­­me­­di­a­tely re­­fund the con­­si­d­er­a­tion al­ready paid by you for these goods.


4. Prices and ad­­di­tional Costs
The total amount of your order, in­clu­ding all taxes and costs such as pack­a­ging and de­­li­very is dis­­played on the pre­vious screen or at the end of the check out pro­­cess. As a privat cus­tomer the prices in­clu­ding Aus­trian sales tax (VAT). In the case of sales to en­ter­prises wi­thin the Eu­ro­­pean Union, no Aus­trian sales tax will be in­cluded pro­vided that the UID number is quoted; such en­ter­prises will in­s­tead be ob­liged to pay the sales tax in their state of do­mi­­cile. In­voi­cing will be made in euros.


5. Terms of Pay­­ment
The pur­chase price for the goods or­dered be­­comes due upon the ship­ping of your order by Desk-up On­­line. Pay­­ment may be ef­­fected by pre­pay­ment or will be in­voiced. You may not make any set off against our claim for pay­­ment un­less the amount set off is not dis­­puted by us or has been the sub­­ject of a final and bin­ding jud­ge­­ment against us.


6. De­­li­very and Re­ser­va­tion of Title
The goods will be de­­li­v­ered to the de­­li­very ad­dress as stated by you and through a de­­li­very ser­vice ap­­pointed by us. We will make every ef­­fort to de­­liver the goods as soon as pos­­sible. Usu­ally your order is ready for ship­­ment wi­thin a few days, but we cannot make a bin­ding state­­ment on this. The goods re­­main our prop­erty until we have re­­ceived pay­­ment in full.


7. Right to cancel the Pur­chase Agree­­ment
As a con­­sumer you have the right to cancel this pur­chase agree­­ment up until two weeks after re­­ceipt of the goods by you. No re­ason needs to be stated. If you ex­er­­cise this right of with­drawal you are no longer bound to the agree­­ment and we will re­­fund any pay­­ments you have made in re­spect to this agree­­ment. In order to cancel the agree­­ment it is suf­­fi­­cient to send, wi­thin the two weeks pe­riod, a no­tice in wri­ting to the ad­dress spec­i­­fied on top of the page, or to send the goods back to the com­pany ad­dress. If you cancel the pur­chase agree­­ment you have to send back the goods wi­thin 30 days after the can­­cel­la­tion. The pur­chaser is charged with the re­turn costs.


8. War­ranty
The war­ranty pe­riod is two years after re­­ceipt of the goods by you. Should the de­­li­v­ered goods prove de­­fec­tive wi­thin this pe­riod, you may cancel the agree­­ment or - if the pro­­duct is still avail­able - re­quest their re­­pla­ce­­ment by gi­ving us no­tice at the ad­dress spec­i­­fied in pa­ra­­graph 2. No in­­de­­pen­­dent guar­antee is granted be­yond the fo­re­­going.


9. Li­a­­bi­lity
The li­a­­bi­lity of one party in case of dam­ages to the other party shall be in ac­­cor­dance with the sta­tu­tory law. Any com­­pen­sa­tion claims are ex­cluded in cases of slight neg­­li­­gence. This re­stric­tion does not apply for in­jury to life, body and he­alth.


10. Data
The pur­chaser is ex­­pressly agre­eing that per­­sonal data of the pur­chaser, which have been dis­closed for the order pro­­cess, are au­to­­mat­i­­cally stored and used by Desk-up, af­­fil­i­ated com­pa­­nies and con­trac­tual par­t­­ners in par­tic­ular for mar­ke­ting pur­­poses. Cus­tomer data will not be passed on to third par­ties, ex­­cept where this is an es­sen­tial re­­qui­re­­ment for the pur­­pose of ful­­fil­ling the con­tract. Our con­trac­tual par­t­­ners have been in­structed con­­cer­ning our data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions and have ob­liged them­­selves to ad­here to these.


11. Pro­hi­­bi­tion of As­­si­gn­­ment
You may as­­sign your con­trac­tual rights to a third party only with Desk-up's prior written con­­sent.


12 Place of Per­­for­­mance
The place of per­­for­­mance for all ser­vices ari­sing under this con­tract shall be the do­mi­­cile of Desk-up.


13. Ap­p­li­­cable Law
The par­ties to this con­tract he­reby agree that Aus­trian law shall be ap­p­lied to this con­tract.
The United Na­tions Con­­ven­tion on Con­tracts for the In­ter­na­tional Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply. Ex­clu­­sive ju­ris­­dic­tion is Linz, Upper Austria.


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