Desk-up keeps you upright.

With Desk-up, it's up to you now how you want to slant your rea­ding or wri­ting, your ho­me­work, or your laptop com­puter: Desk-up brings both your fa­vou­rite reads and your wor­king do­cu­ments into a com­for­tably slanted po­si­tion while al­lo­wing you to main­tain an er­go­no­mi­cally cor­rect po­sture. You will feel your back, shoulder, and neck muscles no­ti­ceably relax. Desk-up per­mits you to read and work com­for­tably eve­r­y­where you choose. At your desk, on your fa­vou­rite sofa, in bed... And it goes wi­thout saying that Desk-up is ca­pable of hol­ding coo­kery books, photo al­bums, light sheets of music, or heavy files ea­sily all by itself.


Slanted his­tory...

Since hun­dreds of years people who were rea­ding and wri­ting a lot have pre­fered a com­for­table po­si­tion.


...com­for­table fu­ture

In­spired by the ex­pe­ri­ence of ge­ne­ra­tions the idea for Desk-up was born.

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Sitting up straight is not only more ergonomic in the long run but also significantly less tiring.

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Dis­cover the wide va­riety of app­li­ca­tions. For more comfort and well-being.

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About Us

With Desk-up, we create com­fort for every day – both at home and in the of­fice.

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